Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting rid of TV

So far what I have painted during the first six months of the year. I dedect a small movement away from French and towards Arthur Wellesley's army!

Stuff I use for basing figures... 95th Rifles pre-flocking in the background

AWI figs early on Sunday.  By the evening they were looking much more finished

Bits and bobs of British light cav and rifles.

My messy painting box.
Josie is off on camp for a week at a place called Berrick. I have no idea where it is but she has been reallly looking forward to it.  As for rest of the family there is nothing special for the week apart from learning to live without TV. We made the decision that there was too much time wasted in the evenings and not enough homework and practice getting done.  We have been a TV free family quite often during the years but now hopefully we will make the break for good.  I have placated the youngest by promising to buy a family Ipad so she is a little happier. I will wrap the TV and stick it under the house to bring out on special occasions ---like it we make the finals of the World Cup this year and don't choke like we usually do.
As for this weekend I did some Olympic painting and managed to get through my AWI British Light Cavalry. I am not sure how happy I am with them.  I am a pretty crappy painter and I am not that interested in painting every figure to its fullest portential. I just want to see massed ranks of figures on a table.  If I take my glasses off they even look pretty good.  The broblem with my AWI figures is that they just look so clean and bright. I doubt the average trooper fighting the insurgency would have scrubbed up very well at all on campaign so my bright carnival figures are hardly realistic

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  1. Time to switch from "glossy" to "flat" paint, eh?