Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ShogunTotal War 2

Never having played Shogun Total War 1 ( I came in with Rome Total War and survived through the debacle of Empire to the cool but limited scope of Napoleon TW) I wasn't that quick to rush in and buy STW2. Playing for domination of Japan in the 16th century just didn't grip me as much as marching across 19th century Europe.  Having played the game for a couple of weeks I am impressed with the battle AI and the general strategic AI but there are still major issues.  If I ever take Kyoto I don't think that STW2 will ever become a game that I will ever become addicted to. I notice that there is a multiplayer component that I have not got into yet but aI am not sure how much interest multiplayer will have for me. I prefer multilayer shoot 'em up games like Left for Dead 2 or Modern Warfare. All in all the game is pretty slick but battling is Asia in the days of the Shogun is just not as interesting as doing the same in Europe. I would like a huge expansion of Medieval Total War to include the sweep of Empire and the individual countries of Europe and Japan/Mongols and China with the AI of STW2 - is that too much to ask for Creative Workshops? I see massive expansion packs!

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