Monday, June 6, 2011

A few shots of the school

My cool desk that I bought to replace my old one after I changed rooms.
I don't have my own office. I share with the other teachers (who use their classrooms as their own offices) I have a little cubbyhole where I can escape to during my down periods.

This is the staff area from a little further away.

The photocopier and the three strawberry pots which are supposed to keep the staff supplied with strawberries during the early summer.  We used to grow tomatoes but they were not very successful.

Classroom 2

Classroom 3

The front reception area

Heading down from the kitchen area (right) to the bathrooms

Looking towards the reception from classroom 4

Classroom 4

Classroom 1

Looking at some of Victoria's work on the board in classroom 1.

 As promised here are some shots of the school. They were taken without much light this afternoon (Queen's Birthday) without any students - which means no mess.

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  1. Veddy nice, veddy nice. Thanks for the tour.