Monday, June 20, 2011

Quiet on the blogging front...

I upgraded my computer last week but I didn't do it very well - or the guys in the shop didn't set the process up very well.
 Anyway the story goes that I was a little worried that I was getting to the end of the spave on my hard drive. It was only a 500 gig grive and I was up to 90% disc space used.  I decided to go the whole hog and revamp the entire operating system while I was down at the shop so...
32 bit -----64bit
500gig-----1 Terabyte
Dual Core-------Quad Core
Windows Vista Home Premium------Windows 7 Home Premium.
At the same time I wandered down to EB Games and bought an off-the-shelf copy of Shogun Total War 2.
I was told that the new setup would allow me to play this rather graphics intensive game well and keep me ahead of the curve for gaming for the next couple of years. Anyway I said that I wanted the stuff installed and up and running by Saturday at 4.30 (since I arrived at 10.30 am this was going to he a mission for the techie in the shop to get everything to me by the end of trading) When I came back to the store the dude said that he had done everything but the software. All he said that I needed to do was install Windows 7. I have done this before so I took the box home to start immediately.  The problem was that I ended up installing 7 and wiping out my Vista and all of the programmes that I had on it!!!! I was left with a new machine and none of the really quite expensive extras like QuickTime Pro and my Microsoft stuff.  Anyway to cut a long story short I was able to get back my saved data but I have to reinstall all of the programmes again so that I can transfer the data folders into them. That means that a lot of the stuff still isn't back where it should be. On a brighter note, Shogun runs well and I am enjoying the game.

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