Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rising Cost of Fuel

With the cost of petrol up now to $2.18 per litre it is now really difficult to drive our petrol-guzzling Toyota Estima as freely as we have previously. To that end we are kicking around whether to buy a new and cheaper form of transport.  We headed down to the car yard to look for a small car and we have decided upon a Suzuki Swift or the Hyundai Getz. My wife has her heart set on the Hyundai (as a reflection primarily of her birth country - of South Korea) and I like the Suzuki because it looks nicer than the Korean car. Either way the costs are similar (in the $24000) range. They all come with great warranties and the fuel consumption are both 5.5/100kms which is a far cry from the Estima's 25/100kms. Anyway the Estima isn't going to be completely lost as I am going to sell it to my school to use it as a vehicle for taking students around the town and further afield.

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