Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Audit of the Audit of the Audit. I hate NZQA

I hate NZQA. They are the epitome of a wasteful government department who exist simply to justify their existence. Here is an example;  Under NZQA regulations we must have an accountant sign off as to the accuracy of our accounts. That is fine and every business should do this however... WE must pay for an audit of that audit by another accountant and a separate audit of any money under $300 which we receive from students. WE even pay for the audit of our Public Trust monies which will make up 90% of the money we receive.
One the bright side we have a site audit to look forward to next year. How does $10000 in audit fees per year sound?
Basically to be an education provider in New Zealand is to have a thirsty bloodsucking government leach attached via statute to both testicles.

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