Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Better Late Than Never and India.

Well today over a month since the cash transaction went through I will be recieving my 5 boxes of French Light Infantry. Thankfully, this should mean a month or two of blissful evenings painting.  I am finally up to podcast number 13 where Napoloen defeats the Third Coalition at Austerltz.

On another note, the politics of Indian agents continues anew with one agent who sends us nurses setting up on his own. We have had a long relationship with the organisation which employs but it seems that he was the worker responsible for actually sourcing the students from India. We are working with both agents but I think the original will wither on the vine. On the other hand, for me it willl mean a trip to India (southern) every 4 months to deliver a one week IELTS class to a big audience of prospective students.  I hate flying so am considering doing these trips business class. The nice lady at the travel agency says that if you  fly business (a few times?) from then on if you buy Economy you will be automatically be upgraded to Business class. I have got to weigh up the initial costs of this though... is it worth paying three times the ticket price a few times simply to get into the comfy mid price ticket range from then on?

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