Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Weeks Since My Last Post

Well I have had nothing of significance to blog about apart from the finishing of my latest batch of French light infantry a week ago.  Here are the snaps...
Actually they aren't quite finished yet...
and they won't look like this when they are finally put together because...
they are a mixture of chasseur and carabanier troops together with voltiguers of pre and post Bardin reforms!
I had my first meeting on the executive of Education Dunedin on Wednesday. It seems that my first year will be the last since the High Court has recently handed down a decision as to the status of  registered charities who have "for profit" organisations as members. It seems that since Education Dunedin which is registered as a charitable trust for tax purposes (like all of the other regional bodies supported by local bodies) can't have private providers. This may mean that we will be excluded from the organisation and have to have a sort of associate membership. This will cut us out of significant local government funding unless the city council organises a separate funding route.
It seems a little ironic that all of this is happening in the same week as I was quoted in the local press as saying how well everyone is working together to promote the city and the South Island for international students.


  1. Good God... do I have to tone down my comments here, in case newspaper readers happen upon your blog?

    Anyway great to see that you're alive, well, and still obsessed with your infantry.

  2. Hi Kev- I think this blog only has accidental readership from random countries. I don't care though cause it gives me a chance to blog about my soldiers and keep an online diary. So in case anyone reads this...FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

  3. Whatever happened to your old refrain: "Piss, fuck, diddle!"? I imagine that doesn't go over well with the ladies in your house.