Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The CTV building before and after

Here are some shots of a modern building leveled by the earthquake. It contains a language school that I know well (and did battle with in Dunedin). There are about 100 trapped people as far as I know in this building. The total death toll for the earthquake may well reach 400. This will make it by far the greatest loss of  life in New Zealand history. I have contacted NZQA and Education Dunedin offering free tuition for students effected by the earthquake and am waiting for word from schools in the Christchurch CBD. As far as I know government agencies may well take up my school's (and possibly others) offer because so much of the infrastructure all around the city.  I am not sure how many of these business have business insurance which will cover "acts of God' but I don't think it will be many. The government has declared  a national state of emergency today which will be the first time since 1939.

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  1. It's terrible to see all this happening, John, but I'm glad you're in a position to help out. Good luck to you all.