Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back from Christchuch

On Thursday after school I loaded up the car and headed up to Christchurch for an NZQA Quality Assurance conference. I had been looking forward to getting a few nagging questions sorted out and happily they were.  I had long suspected that NZQA was aiming to "retire" local area course approval and replace courses with a nationally registered central qualification. Unfortunately this is going to happen in the next couple of years.  It may not be as bad as I thought because they say they are going to give providers a certain autonomy over how courses get delivered.  I think it is all about guaranteeing internal jobs for the "boys" as there will be a whole new division opened up for moderators I imagine. Anyway I drove over 800 kms over a two day period to attend the conference and get back in time for the girls to get to Saturday morning music. I should have taken some snaps of the late summer landscape on the Canterbury plains. The whole trip was like driving through a picture postcard.

Here is my 1st attempt of loading a movie shot in HD from the Apple Iphone. The results are pretty basic really.  I think it is designed for outside long shots, Never mind though - the next movie will come from my proper recorder.

I have finished the 1st batch and based them. I have another 200 light infantry on the way and that should have the French finished,

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