Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is the start of the Sunday Walk to Port Chalmers. We stopped off at the new Dunedin stadium which is under construction.  It is really shooting up and should be well ready for the World Cup in 2011.

Josie took these snaps so they are a bit random. They do show the size of the construction which is directly and indirectly pumping millions into the regional economy. There was a good deal of controversy about the project since it is funded by the Dunedin city council with limited central government input. I am glad to see that the old council pushed it through - even at the cost of Peter Chin's second term!

This might be the place that houses the new language centre which will relocate from near the clock tower.

On the way to Port Chalmers. I think we did about 12 Kms. This was Tory's first long walk and she handled it really well.

yours truly in one of his rare photos

We made it just in time to be picked up! We got a nice ice-cream at the port which bucked the girls up no end.

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