Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Mine Tragedy and Jogging with Mari

Everyone was quite sad yesterday with the news of the 2nd blast in the mine over on the West Coast.  Hard to imaginne that the lives of 29 people could be snuffed out so quickly just as they were doing their daily jobs. The PM has ordered all of the govt flags to fly at half mast and he will fly down tomorrow to meet the families of the victims. According to the mine officials the levels of flammable gas in the mine mean that it could continue to explode regularly for decades to come meaning that the miners may never be recovered.

At 6 every morning after Mari has finished her meditation we have been going jogging together. So far it had been quite fun and Mari is quite good. Today we did 25 mins which even though is pathetic is a good set up for the day. I will walk down to school today which will take another 45 mins.  All up that makes about 1/14th of my day in some sort of exercise.

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