Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jogging Improvement

I hate the first kilometre of my jog. Afer that it is quite enjoyable. Strangely enough I enjoy running up hills. Maybe it is the sadomasochist in me. Josie ran in the finals of the Otago Athletics yesterday and got a fourth. Actually her relay team got fourth. Mari is back applying for jobs and she also picked up a $50 electric piano from Trademe which is now sitting happily in Victoria's room. The school is waiting for a Tsunami of students due in the next few months but in the meantime I don't need to do much more than just turn up and watch hours of YouTube. I am sooooo hanging out for the Christmas holidays! On Friday apart from the IELTS results coming out and the staff party we are going to get the students to put up the Christmas decorations. A clear signal of the holidays!!!!

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