Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trying to turn over a new leaf

Not that I actually do a lot of research but these books from my uniform library all have great illustrations of staff figures.

A mottley bunch of British in their basic coats. The 1/35 flag bearer is to the left with only five colours applied so far.

My unexpected 1/35 purchase. Unfortunately Hat did not model the mount for the officer!
With both of the girls back at school, we are making a push to have our evenings on homework and music practice. To that end the TV has gone west as has my PC (which has a new password that the kids don't know).

Now that I am not watching TV in the evenings and Black OPs 2 has become a little boring, I am back at the kitchen table painting.

Here is the situation as it stands now...

British Command - first 2 of 8 sprues started. I have decided to paint 2 sprues at one time from start to finish rather then follow my production line method.

Not quite sure how I will base there figures but I will try to make Wellington plus a few other generals. One horse fig plus two hangers-on next to the horse.

Russian 1/35 Command- hardly stated. I am painting the flag bearer but I am taking my time. I haven't painted 1/35 for years and I had forgotten the joy of using the medium sized paintbrush!

All up, this year I will take my time with the sundry sets which I have picked up. In 2014 I will hit the Spanish armies (if all goes well).

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