Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time to Resume Normality

Off to Dunedin today. ALthough I technically have another week off, I will probably be at the school on Monday. Lots of planning to do and a large influx of Indian nurses to get past the IELTS hurdle. On the bright side, I am optimistic that my Christmas presents will have arrived from Australia. I have a strange urge to start with the Wurtemburg cavalry first. I have generally stayed away from the continental armies ( apart from the Frnech and the Russians) because of the plethora of uniform changes between the different coalitions. I really couldn't be buggered painting a pre-1806 Prussian and then a Confederation of the Rhine Prussian and then a 1813-5 Prussian army.  My French are a hodge podge of Post Bardin reform and 1809 and I really don't mind.

Anyway - the van is packed and the children are organised. The only thing we need to do now is head off to Oamaru to watch my wife's concert group perform and then we will all head back.

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