Saturday, February 11, 2012

Up Early

Well I decided to get up early to do this blog update... well kind of. Actually I am going to do some painting as well.
 Josie is safely off to Columba and our bank accounts are massively lighter because of it.  It cost over 6 grand to get the first term off and I assume there will be regular outgoings for the other 3.  Josie came back telling us that she had decided to join tht tramping club and the volleyball club and the athletics team. All of the above have fees which automatically get added to the monthly bill that comes home. I am not really complaining but it never really occurd to me before just how expensive children are.  At the same time Victoria wanted to join the local ponyclub. That would have ended up being about the same price as Columba! After so much bank freefall, I made the command decision to jus tgive her lessons in Palmerston over a few weeks rather than trapse dowm to Mosgiel and hang out with "the horse set."
Back to really life now.  I haven't finished any of the painting that I had set out to do.  This weekend I am going to put a real dent in my Russian Hussars. I will even post some pictures.  I managed to base my Peninsular British and they are looking fine so maybe I will post a picture of those at the same time. Under the Shako ruleset that I am basing for, I well need about 32 battalions of British and Portuguese in order to finish the Peninsular army across all the the periods. Hat Industrie is starting to come out with Spanish figures and I am going to paint the British line as Portuguese line because the cut of the uniform was identical.  This will mean that I will end up with about 12 boxes of British Infantry to paint over the course of the coming year. Hopefully, that will mean complete British. French and Russian armies.  The sadness of it all is that I have never actually played a wargame since I was at university. I just stack box after box in my cupboard!
Other things of note;

1)  We decided to dump the TV for the year so that the kids can structure their time better.
2) I am deciding at present whether to renew my lease of the school or move to bigger premises.
3) I have been biking down to work rather than walking.  This has been fun but not that good for my fitness.  Now that I have got the bike back from Hampden I have promised myself that I will go for longer rides in the weekends so we will see how that pans out.

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