Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Painting

New French dudes next to my unbased Russian Hussars
Busy morning at Berthier's camp


Same dude

Cool little Berthier + Staff officer
After a very pleasant weekend, my French Napoleonic General Staff have finally gotten off their sprues. Only a few more hours of touchups and they will be ready for basing. This set has been really enjoyable to paint.  I love the copious amounts of gold braid that these guys wore. They must have been a real sight on the battlefield.


  1. "They must have been a real sight on the battlefield."

    Good targets.

    In all seriousness: I'm impressed by your dedication. I vaguely recall you talking about uniform design & such back in the 90s. What got you started on this (or did I ask that before?)?

  2. Actually, I have been interested in Napoleon and Napaleonic figures since I was about 8 or 9. My parents bought me a packet of 1/32 British and French infantry for Christmas (not sure why) and after that I was a total convert. The funny thing is that I never actually use the figures to game or display. In this area there are no other enthusiasts so for my amusement I spend my time preparing a table for imaginary battles between non-existant opponents. Freaky huh? Back in the 90s I am not too sure I was into figures like I am now. I painted a few hundred figures at university but never had the money to really get into the hobby. When I met you in Korea the hobby I guess had been in hiatus for half a decade or so.

    Not sure what I was into during my time in Korea - guess I was into doing private lessons! I got back into the hobby seriously when I was in Taupo teaching high school in 1999 I think. When I moved down to Dunedin I revamped my Russian infantry and from then on it was full steam ahead.

    Just thinking of the 90s can you remember when we went to the Swiss Grand Hotel and ate that really expensive Fondue? I'd love to go back to some of those places again and hang out again. I guess as time passes you block out all the crappy memories and are left with the wistful good ones!!