Thursday, March 21, 2019

The End and a New Beginning?

Well I haven't been on this blog for a good while now and I feel that now would be a good opportunity to close it down. I feel that I have painted all that I want to and it is time to move on to a new hobby. I have spent a good deal of time gardening and it is something that I quite enjoy even though I'm quite the beginner. Still interested in reading about the age of the Napoleon although my library is full if books which I have bought but haven't read. Maybe some time in the future...So to any future reader who stumbles across this blog - good wishes to you and ...

           Vive   L'Empereur !     


  1. Sad to see the blog go. What'll be next? A gardening blog? A political-commentary blog? A life-as-a-family blog? A rock-climbing blog (you used to rock-climb, ja?)? Anyway, it was a good ride. Here's to new beginnings. Thanks for the thoughts and images up to now!

  2. Good luck with the new hobby... You'll love it. I've been a professional gardener for 25 years and am still learning loads, so don't be put off. Keep hold of your figures though... you may come back to wargaming (in the garden perhaps, like H G Wells?).

  3. Good luck John. Perhaps you'll come back to it one day--would not be the first to do so.
    Either way, bon chance et une vie longue.

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