Saturday, September 1, 2018

Austrian Hussars Redux

Well, its been a while. About six months I think. I haven't looked at my hobby over the winter period and I'm not too sure why. Life has been pretty busy here with the whanau. You'd think with one daughter gone up to Auckland life would be a little less hectic but that isn't how it turned out. As a result, all of my figures have remained in their cabinets and my paints have dried up. Since its the first day of Spring I thought I'd just have a go at forging ahead on the project of creating my 2nd and 3rd squadrons of Austrian hussars. Hard to think I was working on the same project last Christmas.

I'm going through an introspective phase at the moment. It is going to be Victoria's last year at home next year and even some of that will disappear because she will be off studying in Europe. It kind of feels that age has crept up on me and soon we will be empty nesters. We've had kids with us so long that I wonder what life will be like at home without them. Its definitely going to be much quieter.

I promised myself that I would start on a man cave but I doubt I'll get around to it anytime soon. In terms of hobby stuff, generally when we get home from work we are all so tired that we just sit in the living room and surf the net. Mari does have her burgeoning pot plant collection which she enjoys but I'm quite the evening couch potato. I guess I just need to get off my arse and do the hobby again - hence this self motivating blog post John.


  1. Had to look up what a "whanau" was, you nutty Kiwi. Where in Europe will Victoria be studying? What motivated her to study there? Will she be there her entire college career (I assume we're talking about college... I forget how old your daughters are)? What's her plan once she's done studying? For that matter, what's your other daughter's (Josie's?) plan after Auckland? Or is she in Auckland for good? Catch me up—if not here in the comments, then in an email (

  2. We all have time out of the hobby, or at least quiescent phases. It tends to draw us back though--it's that kinda obsession, I mean hobby!