Monday, January 29, 2018

Austrian Hussars

Unless you like tin figures there aren't any companies which make Hussars or Uhlans from the Austrian army. This presented me with a tad of a problem when I was trying to fill the ranks of my 1809 army. Here was my solution:

1) Horses are Zvezda Guard Lancers with the carbine at the side of the horse removed.
2) Bodies 1815 Prussian Hussars
3) Heads Hat Industrie Austrian Infantry
4) Carbines ESCI ACW Confederate Infantry (cut down) and glued flat onto the sabretache.

Ok, so they aren't the prettiest of my creations but they do at least look the part.

I need another two squadrons so the project continues. Next Up this year will be the J├Ągers, Grenadiers and the Grenzers. Fun times. Photos to come.

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