Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thoughts About a Stalled Hobby

The thing about hobby blogs is that if the other 99% of your real life sends you away in different directions - nothing ever gets added to the pages. Unfortunately, this is the case with my hobby of late. I haven’t painted since February and even that was a terrain piece not figures. I have no figures to paint on the horizon as well. I like looking back over this little blog because as I don't keep a diary, these little posts serve to remind me of the other things in my life which were happening at the same time. I don't really want to blog about business and family as I want to keep these aspects of my life to myself and I don't feel comfortable discussing others lives around me. They can do that for themselves if the fancy takes them.  

Anyway,  I am guessing that a year will pass before I feel the urge to continue the hobby.  Just to keep myself vaguely in the hobby I have decided to buy the Osprey Napoleonic titles which have been niggling at me to get over the years.  One of the cool things is that if you buy an Osprey Publishing Gold membership for about 90 pounds you get a 30% discount off your purchases. I am planning to spend around 600 pounds before the end of the month to snag the last of the titles so at least that keeps me in hobby territory. Once my bookcase is replete, I hope that (and the coming of spring and finally selling a business) will signal a kick starting period. I would really love to finish my Austrian army before I turn 50…..

So I'll promise myself to keep blogging about this cool little nugget of a hobby as often as a can. Next up photos of my Osprey collection?


  1. I wonder whether this is the same Osprey company that makes backpacks. Ja? Nein?

  2. Anyway, advance congrats on selling a business. I'll email you privately to ask for details.