Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Austrians are coming!

The new project is going to be the largest I have ever attempted. I  am in the process of gathering 40 boxes of Hat figures to put together a  Shako ruleset Austrian Army. The size is going to be as daunting as it is going to be fun to paint.
Here goes the basic outline:
"German" infantry 20 battalions of 25 figures.
Hungarian infantry 10 battalions of 25 figures
( these may include Grenadier battalions making up 10? Battalions)
10 Grenzer battalions of 25 figures
10 Landwehr battalions of 25 figures.
2 squadrons of Curassiers
2 squadrons of Dragoons
2 squadrons of Chevaux Leger
2 squadrons of lances
2 squadrons of Hussars
8 Artillery stands
6 stands of Cavalry artillery
8 ammunition wagons.
I think this going to take about 40 boxes (of which the first 8 have already arrived ).
More pics to come as the project takes off!

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