Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Please forgive my absence

Well it had to happen. Work got too much and the hobby fell by the wayside.  Over the last months I have only painted about 300 1805 French infantry in greatcoats and elites.  This has been an on again off again project.  I have been pretty active on Amazon building my Osprey collection as well as my 200th Waterloo anniversary mini-library.  I am still working my way through a biography of the Duke of Wellington as well as Chandler's Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.  Going forward, I don't have too many plans.  I do plan to do a bit of a tour of Fort Cochi in India when I am up that way next month but that is the closest I will get to an investigation of anything that Lord Wellington was near in India.  I am flying up to Mumbai for a quick meeting but unless my venue happens to be close to anything vaguely Wellingtonesque I won't get to see anything of the city that Wellington (then Wellesley) called home for a few years after defeating Tipu. 

I would love to take up a set of figures and paint then from woe to go over the week and call them my East India Company figs! Unfortunately, I don't have the right type of figure - I think I would need a couple of boxes of Hat British Naval figures to make a line battalion. I hope my trip fires up interest in painting Indian Napoleonic era figures. Unfortunately there is nothing on the market in plastic and probably not much in metal either. Still a Tipu army would look totally rad.

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