Thursday, December 11, 2014

Santa is going to be good to me this year.

I have always wanted my own copy of David Chandler's The Campaigns of Napoleon but I have never really thought about actually getting a copy from Amazon. Well yesterday that all changed. I managed to track down a copy of the book from the United States and for the all up cost of about $150 US a copy is winging its way to me even as I write this missive. Yesterday my static grass arrived from the States as well so I am pretty well set up hobby wise for the coming summer holidays.

Can't wait to lie on the beach and work my way through Mr. Chandler's masterpiece!!!!!


  1. This is the third or fourth blog post in which you've mentioned Satan: "Satan this, Satan that, I'm expecting big things from Satan this Christmas." I feel as if I don't even know you anymore.

  2. Hell! I didn't know Satan was lurking in such a nice man! Looks like I'll have to wait for Ramadan for my presents!