Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I must stop buying toy soldiers

I must stop buying toy soldiers. I must stop buying toy soldiers. I must stop buying toy soldiers.

I have recently blown my toy soldier budget quite substantially. Del Prado have a collection called Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars. I have coveted this set since I bought the Armies of the Napoleonic Wars last year. Now that I have both sets I promise I won't purchase any more tin figures this year. I'll stick to books and the occasional hat box. Speaking of Hat... I have recently finished some grenadiers... These dudes had languished in their boxes since I bought them a few years ago. I thought they looked too chunky to go with my other figures. Silly me for being a poor judge. They were a pleasure to paint and the end result more than stands up next to my other figures.


  1. You've done well with those Hat grenadiers John. They are well-scultped and a most versatile set.

    To help you with your pledge, have you seen the post on the Hat forum that E24 is being shipped. All of those lovely Spaniards for you not to buy...!!!

  2. Ok... I may have to amend my last post. I will limit myself to a small Spanish Army with no cavalry and artillery. Those are some mighty fine Spanish after all... I think we will get them faster down-under than you chaps in Europe - at least that was my experience with the British Command set a few years ago.

    1. Yeah, that was our experience on the other side of the continent too!