Friday, January 10, 2014

Wet weather

The howitzer

12 pounder plus Guard Chasseur figure

Comparison of Italieri and Del Prado 

For the first time I painted a leopard blanket on a figure! Pretty cool really.
I managed to get the majority of my project finished over a couple of days. The weather in North Otago has been pretty patchy this year and this has resulted in quite a few hours at the dinner table in my mum's kitchen painting. None of the figures are display quality but I really had fun painting them and listening to documentaries on Youtube. Next job is to base the figures and do the final gluing of the equipment. 1/32 painting is really quite fun and actually quite a lot different from the massed ranks painting that I usually do. Who knows maybe I will do some more!


  1. Although I'm not an aficionado like you, I have to commend you on your painting job. How in the world do you paint such tiny lines and buttons? I imagine that thick paint, even if you're using a thin paintbrush, tends to form large droplets that make painting thin lines impossible. What's the solution, then? Repeated coats using thin paint?

  2. Great looking artillery team John. It sounds like you are enjoying the larger scale figures!