Sunday, December 30, 2012

After Christmas

None of my boxes arrived from Australia so I had a miserable stocking this Christmas. On the bright side I have had a pretty relaxing festive season. I have had the girls all by myself (with all of the rallies) while my wife is stuck in Dunedin working. We managed to go on our usual biking extravaganzas plus we added one more that took us behind Puketapu and to the beach.

My New Year's resolution will hopefully be a complete 7 Year's War Prussian army towards the middle of the year and a slow finish of my Pennsular War Brits as soon as Hat release their Dragoons.

2013 is set to be a pretty exciting year for all of us as Josie moves in to Year 10 and Tory starts Intermediate.  I will have little to blog about but I hope to post as many of my" work in progress" shots as I can.

1 comment:

  1. Merry post-Christmas (or do Kiwis follows the Brit tradition of wishing a "Happy" Christmas?), to you and the family!

    So what do you plan to do when you finally have no more floor or shelf space on which to display your myriad soldiers?

    While I'm here: Happy New Year!