Monday, January 16, 2012

My Britsh

After a little less than a month the first batch of my Napoleonic British Peninsular War infantry is nearly ready. I have continued my now usual practice of painting them on their sprues. But this time I have tried a number of new techneques. In the old days I just used to slap on the enamel paints rather in the "paint by numbers" style. The end result was fine but it didn't create much of a contrast in colours. The new style is to base the figures in an acrylic black and then do a top wash in an acrylic red. My first experiments revealed that the an acrylic paint is faily wimpy compared to my usual enamel but it does get into the folds of the figures better. This meant that I was able to brush the enamel over the top of the acrylic to achieve a better caontrast for the jackets. On the rest of the figures I reverted to my old style so they don't look too different frpm my usual efforts. Overall though these figures are looking pretty goos (from a distance) so they should grace a tabletop with honour and glory!

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