Monday, December 12, 2011

Answer to Kevin

for some reason I can't post a reply so you get your own whole blog entry! 
Yeah the weather has been getting noticeably hotter. In fact on Sunday it reached a staggering 23 degrees. One of the problems about being on an island on this latitude is that you get all of the crap weather that the antarctic weather gods decide to vomit our way. The weather can change from hot to snow in the space of hours -literally. We can have really settled great weather all really settled shit. In the South Island you should pack for winter but hope for summer if you go camping. For a human from the northern latitudes it must seem a little incongruous to see a winter santa being celebrated in a southern summer. For us however we receive our iconography with little critical thinking.  Besides it is cooler to see a winter Santa than a Santa in a tee-shirt and jandals (worth looking that last word up)

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  1. Cool! You can't post replies? So I can be rude and insulting at will!