Saturday, September 24, 2011

NASA 's weather Satelite and Dead Island...

With the Nasa weather satelite coming to earth on late Saturday people are beginning to worry about where it will land.  Victoria isn't worried however. In the morning she commented that there was no need to worry because she would catch it it it fell near her.

I downloaded Dead Island last night for $60 US. From what I have played it isn't as scary as LFD2 and it is not arcade style. It does nave some goodpoints like the ability to fight with a zombie rather than shoot them. The graphics are ok but not anything special. I am pretty new to the story but there are a number of challenges which seem be needed to be completed on each level rather thanthe linear LFD2 style. 

For all of their evil looks these zombies don't scare me as much are the LFD hordes.
Compared to LFD2 there has been more work put inti the anotomical parts in terms of blood and gore (which I like!!)

One of the good points about this game is that you get multiple weapons to fight the zombies. They can also be upgraded at workbenches which are dotted arounf the island

The graphic of the game are pretty!

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