Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On Holiday

On the first day of the holidays I ....
1) Got up for my run and went all the way around the course again.
2) took the bike to the bike shop for an overhaul ( Two new tyres+tubes and a lookover)
3) Mowed the lawns
4) Played handball with the kids
5) Went shopping for groceries and presents
6) Rented three shitty DVDs for the family but ended up played Call of Duty (Modern Warfare) while they watched

The weather was lovely all day even though it was supposed to be unsettled. This morning we slept in until 6.30 am and went for a run again. It was windy and overcast but the run was ok. Now I am going to make breakfast and maybe sweep the garage. Our garage serves as a mega storeroom since the 8 seater People-mover we have is too high to fit in the garage door. Rather an embarrassing oversight  on the part of the purchaser of the van :)

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